Thursday, February 18, 2010

Essay: "A Life of Fear." John Burroughs

One-minute review: “As I sat looking from my window the other morning upon a red squirrel gathering hickory nuts from a small hickory and storing them up in his den in the bank, I was forcibly reminded of the state of constant fear and apprehension in which the wild creatures live, and I tried to picture to myself what life would be to me, or to any of us, hedged about by so many dangers, real or imaginary.”


“Eternal vigilance is the price of life with most of the wild creatures.”

“Or when a flock of birds is in flight, it is still one body, one will: it will rise, or circle, or swoop with a unity that is truly astonishing…. Without a word or signal, how is it done?”

American Essays. Ed. Charles B. Shaw. A Pelican Mentor Book. New York: The New American Library. 1948.

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